Erica Schneider - Why editing your content is as important as creating!

Erica Schneider - Why editing your content is as important as creating!

👉🏼 About the Guest:

Erica shares lessons on content writing & editing leading B2C and B2B companies towards engagement & conversions. She's edited 3M+ words and is an amazing thought leader on Twitter and Linkedin with 70K+ followers. She's currently a Head of Content at @getgrizzle and founder at Power Your Platform.

👉🏼 About the Host:

Sharath is a founder, creator, and community builder. He is also a serial maker who built and shipped 15+ projects using no-code tools. His SaaS product Shoutout generates $30k ARR, which was sold to a UK-based product studio. Prev, Sharath worked for world-changing startups like Product Hunt and On Deck, where he helped build and nurture communities. He also grew his audience on Twitter from 200 to 20,000 using give-first principles and creating high-value content. Currently, he is the Head of Community at Threado and runs a newsletter called Sharath's CliffNotes alongside hosting this podcast.

👉🏼 Description:

Tune in as Sharath and Erica discuss the process of writing, editing, creating, and becoming a consistent thought leader.

  • 00:00: Episode Highlight
  • 1:43: Introduction to Erica Schneider
  • 2:49: How did being an English teacher help with being a creator?
  • 5:47: Different personas required as a writer vs an editor
  • 9:49: How can writers become editors?
  • 11:51: Does editing stifle creativity?
  • 13:23: Where do writers stumble in editing?
  • 15:06: Where do you stop editing?
  • 16:07: How to write with authority
  • 19:10: Social media writing vs brand writing
  • 21:44: Best types of writing types for social media
  • 24:10: Best types of writing types for long-form content
  • 25:03: How to become a thought leader
  • 28:21: Day-to-day as a Head of Content
  • 31:05: How does data help as a writer?
  • 32:57: Why did Erica start a Twitter following?
  • 35:26: How to make it work on social
  • 36:40: How to manage idea blasts as a writer
  • 39:10: How to manage envy and competition
  • 42:35: Balance between consuming and creating content
  • 45:38: Day-to-day as a mom
  • 48:15: Editing and writing habits
  • 50:25: Becoming an authentic person online
  • 52:56: Rapid Fire 5: From favorite creator to favorite book
  • 1:00:00: Outro and closing thoughts
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